• Intuitive Movement & Dance Improvisation


    Why do people come to practice?

    "for a moving meditation"

    "to pause work thoughts and mental noise"

    "to lead with more intention (& adaptability)"

    "to spend quality time with my friends"

    "to really 'feel the music,' improve musicality"

    "to get energized by physical activity"

    "to feel more confident being creative"

    "to be fully present and aware"


    Often, when I've learned movement or dance, I was thinking about what I’m "supposed" to do - where my body parts are supposed to be & when. If that's "outside-in," this practice is "inside-out:" to ‘find’ the dance in the movements we always have... to intuit dance from how we walk, breathe, attend to our body, relate to each other, and take in the world through our senses. Because the process is "inside-out," each dance for each individual necessarily looks different.


    Suitable for all levels of movement experience.

    Come dressed comfortably & ready to dive in!

    [1.5 minute video transcript]


    I love that this practice brings me

    immediately & thoroughly

    into my body and out of my head

    where I often am.


    Every dance is an opportunity

    to bring more

    + playfulness

    + intentionality

    + adaptability

    + creative confidence

    + balance and

    + communicativeness

    into my daily life.


    Improvisation differs

    by individual and by moment

    but we may start with...


    centering, finding groundedness

    heightening awareness

    moving with intention


    feeling for our breath

    how it moves through our body

    and how breath moves us


    noticing the dense space between us

    the people in our orbit

    how we’re always in communication

    without touch and without words


    finding a point of contact

    listening, finding new paths

    switching lead and follow so quickly

    we co-create the dance together.


    maybe finding balance

    to share weight and lift.

    maybe asking for support

    and offering support to others.


    ...and while we may be in a duet,

    we're always dancing with the whole room, sharing space, crossing paths,

    and finding inspiration.


    Here’s to dancing again soon.